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GameSir T4 Pro Wireless LED Controller

" ONE Controller to rule them all. "

Enjoy gaming at your main gaming station or on your phone when you out & about. Compatible with Windows, iOS, Android & the Nintendo Switch.  Supports Apple Arcade and has a 600 mAh battery life with a six-axis gyroscope.

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Build Classes...Starting soon...

“ Gamers, come out to play !” Unlock the next generation of innovative bright sparks, with valuable knowledge & skills as well as collaborative teamwork, social networking & project management. We will develop Einstein's of the future, who Code & Build their own games as well

For just One hour 11am - 1pm On a saturday.
For kids of all ages.  Adults can also join...
The price includes a kit.
Let the fun begin...
Feel free to contact us for more information about the up coming classes

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Pandora's Box 9D Wireless Controllers

" Relive the good old days with a modern twist!"

This easy Space Saver & Travel Friendly, Plug n Play set up enables you  to enjoy your old time favorites classic arcade games any where. 

Ideal for parties, gatherings, families, kids, teenagers or any adult.

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