ODROID-GO Advance Black Edition Aura Black

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ODROID-GO Advance Black Edition Aura Black

Get Gaming!

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ODROID-GO Advance Black Edition kit contains a board with all the parts to put together your own game kit.  These projects are fun to build while learning a new skill.  Learn how to assemble the PCB with all the components and how each button is attached to the PCB, you will learn what materials are used for the assembly of the unit.  Learn why certain pieces are made of particular materials and why you need certain connectors. Since the device is is Aura black, none of the internal components are visible.

If you experience problems with your ODROID-GO-Advance, switch the unit off by holding in the off switch for 6 seconds.

What's New

  • The power input port has changed to a USB Type-C connector.

  • A USB Type-C cable is planned to be included by default.

  • An 802.11n SDIO WiFi module will be included on the PCB.

  • L2 and R2 shoulder buttons added.

  • Shell case is available in 2 colors: Aura Black and Clear White.

  • PCB is now black (earlier revision PCB was white).

Package Includes:

A. USB Type-C Power Cable

B. Top enclosure

C. Bottom enclosure

D. Plastic L/R/L2/R2 trigger

E. Plastic D-pad, A, B Buttons

F. ODROID-GO-Advance board

G. 3000mAh battery

H. LCD window

I. I ~ VI button rubber

J. D-PAD rubber

K. A, B, X, Y button rubber

L. battery sticker

M. Analog joystick

N. 320×480 TFT LCD

O. 0.5W speaker

P. 1.7×8 screws (4 pcs)

Q. Driver

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