Arduboy FX

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Arduboy FX

The greatest open source 8-bit game console just got better! Now including over 200 games, pre-loaded on the new flash expansion chip. You do not need a PC to enjoy the Arduboy FX!

  • Arduboy FX is an upgraded version from the standard Arduboy that includes a flash memory chip that stores all 250+ Arduboy games on-board! No need to use a PC to switch between games.

  • You can still learn to program, develop and share your own games using Arduino software via the USB-Cable. Use your PC/Mac/Linux machine to download updates and new games!

  • Learn to code with lots of tutorials and an active community of developers. Arduboy is an game development system based on the popular open source Arduino platform. Because you can learn to make your own games, Arduboy is a game system the size of your imagination!

  • Designed to remind you of a more simple time in the world of gaming, the Arduboy brings true 8-bit gaming into the 21st century with style. The black and white screen invites you to involve your imagination once again while gaming.